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In our open approach, all aspects of yoga are taught, from the physical to the philosophical. There will also be classes on self inquiry, professional ethics, the running of a yoga business, western medical approaches and building relationships with the healthcare community.


The curriculum covers classical asana, pranayama, meditation and Ayurveda first, and then focuses on applying and modifying these tools to meet clients' needs.  We will study tools from diverse methodologies, including: Hatha, Viniyoga™, InnerBody Yoga, Spinal Release Yoga and Ayurveda.  We will include special teachings from Rama Jyoti Vernon's work with Mr Iyengar and her decades of experience with the Yoga Sutras, and Nischala Devi's work with Yoga of the Heart.


These methodologies tie to the 6 Lenses of a Yoga Therapist, that we use in all of our trainings. You will learn to look through these "lenses" to see your clients more clearly and assess their needs.


Stress Management Clasas

The 6 Lenses of a Yoga Therapist are:

Empowerment: The client must believe that change is possible.

Alignment: Physical alignment to assist in pain relief

Ayurveda: To understand the constitution of our clients (and ourselves) and it's impact.

Philosophy: To understand the psychological aspects of our clients (and, again, ourselves).

Therapeutics: All the wonderful tools and practices for a wide variety of issues.

Restoratives: Teaching clients how to truly restore themselves requires a good understanding of the powers at play in their lives and a good variety tools for them to balance those powers.


You will explore each of these approaches alongside mentor teachers in each specialty. It is our intention to teach in a "hands on" way, so that you get to see how we approach clients by watching us do it, and you get to try it yourself, with supervision to give you both inspiration and confidence as you refine your approach.


Our programs are holisitc and person-centered. We begin with cultivating your direct experience of yoga + ayurveda, so that you start with your own healing and transformation. We then take you organically from your own experience into the application of yoga's principles into your ability to share yoga with others. 


Our teachers and teacher programs have always had a deep value for and emphasis on Ayurveda. We have a main faculty member dedicated to teaching Ayurveda, with several of our master teachers having gone deeply into study and practice of Ayurveda as well. The principles of Ayurveda are woven throughout all trainings at SMC to empower teachers and yoga therapists to truly work holistically and therapeutically.  Ayurveda offers depth of knowledge of sacred anatomy, self-awareness and self care with practices that are timeless and adaptable to modern life. 


So the end effect of our training program is that you will find your own body and life transformed.  And you will be ready and able earn a living transforming the lives of others!

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