SMC Yoga Therapist Training Programs
200 hour​ Yoga Alliance (YA)
Foundations in Yoga Therapy

The Foundations of Yoga Therapy program is designed for aspiring yoga teachers, current health-care professionals, and future yoga therapists. It will give you the understanding and confidence you need to bring new tools, ideas and understanding to your students and within your personal practice, helping you to deepen your connection to and understanding of the holistic system of yoga.




Upon completion of this course you will have fulfilled the national requirements to become a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance, affording you the opportunity to teach Yoga classes with many different types of organizations.The successful completion of this level of study plus a year of teaching experience is required before applying for the Yoga Therapist Training.



  • Learning how to work with groups and individuals on basic aches and pains.

  • Specialized, adaptive teaching and practice techniques including: chair yoga, gentle yoga, yoga for seniors and yoga for stress management and relaxation.

  • Introduction to Ayurveda and to the Yoga Sutras and other ancient texts of yoga.

  • Focus on sequencing, language refinements and classroom skills needed to teach effective group classes, including injury management in a classroom setting.

  • Business ideas and Ethical considerations for building a successful yoga practice.   

Becoming a Yoga Therapist


"Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and wellbeing through the application of the teachings and practices of yoga."  from IAYT


THE IAYT STANDARD geared to helping you develop a clinical practice of Yoga Therapy. This may include Yoga Therapy classes, but it emphasizes one-to-one care.


- 120 hrs of Yoga Foundations (the ancient texts on psychology and frameworks for health and disease),

- 155 hrs of Biomedical and Psychological Foundations ("western" medical approaches),

- 80 hrs on Teaching and Therapeutic Skills (therapeutic relationships, the ability to educate),

- 115 hrs of yoga therapy tools & how to use them,

- 150 practicum hours of practice teaching,

- 30 hrs of professional practice with an emphasis on ethics, and

- A total of 800 hours of training to be delivered over a minimum of 24 months, so there is time built-in to integrate the material.


AS A YOGA THERAPIST, you will be able to interface in a clinical way with clients and western medical establishments, and assist in the care and wellbeing of these individuals. The clinical depth of the training is more comprehensive than that of a more general classroom-oriented yoga teacher training.


When you finish Level 1 of the 800hr training, you will also qualify for a Yoga Alliance RYT500 Yoga Teacher registration. To be certified as a Yoga Therapist, you will continue your study with us in Level 2 of the 800hr training.


Pre-requisites:  In order to apply for Level 1, you will need to have a 200hr certificate with SMC or equivalent YA training plus one year teaching experience and one year personal practice.

Training weekends generally follow the following timeframe:  Fri 6pm - 9pm, Sat 10am - 6pm  &  Sun 10:30am - 5:30pm, but may be vary some on specific weekends. 

     2020 Dates for Level 1:

 Jan 18 - 19

Jan 31 - Feb 2

Feb 14 - 16

Mar 13 - 15,  27 - 29

Apr 17 - 19

May 1 - 3,  15 - 17

Jun 26 - 28

Jul 10 - 12, 24 - 26

Sept  11 - 13,  25 - 27

Oct  9 - 11,  23 - 25 

Nov 6 - 8,  20 - 22,

Dec  4 - 6

Dec. 11 - 13  Exams

Sunday, Dec 13  Graduation Ceremony

300 hour YA / IAYT Level 1
Yoga Therapist Training
500 hour IAYT Level 2
Yoga Therapist Training

What makes our 800-hr Therapist Training unique?



SMC was founded in 2000. We have been called upon to provide Yoga Therapy to a wide variety of community members from sports teams to hospitals to homes for the mentally ill.


We are equally at home helping the elderly with heart problems and dementia and young people with anxiety or injuries, including brain injuries and that includes our veterans.


And now we are working with Kaiser Permanente in their Chronic Pain Program, the first yoga studio to be invited to serve on the clinical side at the hospital and with Marin General Hospital in a program for Heart Issues.


We have a lot of experience to share with you. 


THE TRAINING INCLUDES 70+ HOURS OF AYURVEDIC TRAINING in total.  These classes are always a favorite of our students. Several of them have gone on to train in Ayurveda as a profession.



We feel very fortunate to earn our livings practicing Yoga Therapy. We have developed a vibrant, growing business and we are very focused on this aspect. We will be teaching you how to start your own practice and make it successful. We have hired many of our past graduates as Yoga Therapists for classes all over the Bay Area and we will be happy to help you interview for appropriate opportunities.


To apply for Level 2 Therapist Training, you need an SMC Level 1 certificate or a 500hr certificate and approval from our Director, Robin Gueth.  This approval will include participation in a Bridge Program to help you get up to speed with our approach.  The cost of the Bridge Program to be determined on a case by case basis.


SPRING 2021 / 2022 Dates for Level 2


Mar 5-7, 19-21 

Apr 16-18, 30-May 2

May 14-16, 

Jun 4-6, 25-27

Jul 16-18, 30-Aug 1

Sep 10-12, 24-26

Oct 8-10, 22-24

Nov 5-7, 19-21

Dec 3-5



Jan 7-9, 21-23

Feb 4-6, 18-20

Mar 4-6, 18-20

Apr 1-3, 15-17. 29-May 1,

May 13-15,

Jun 3-5, 17-19, 

Jul 15-17, 29-31

Graduation Ceremony Sunday, July 31



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