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Yoga Therapy offers the truest expression of the yogic path - to meet the body and mind where it is and transform it with tools that best suit individual needs. At SMC, you will study diverse methodologies and approaches with master trainers from varied yoga backgrounds so that you, as the Yoga Therapist, can select the strongest tools for your clients. Yoga Therapists graduating from our trainings are empowered to work with the full range of health issues such as aging and medical challenges, injuries, chronic pain, stress, anxiety and every day aches and pains.



Our Faculty

Our faculty are comprised of master level teachers from different yoga lineages and styles, including Iyengar, Deep Release (Swaroopa roots), Viniyoga, Yoga of the Heart from Nischala Joy Devi and the InnerBody work of Angela Farmer and Viktor van Kooten. Several faculty members are also Ayurvedic Practitioners educated at Mount Madonna Institute and California College of Ayurveda, including teaching and mentorship from renowned practitioners Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Robert Svoboda and Dr. Ram Harsh Singh.


The unifying element amoung our faculty is their "therapeutic eye".  Every one of them has a tremendous skillset for working one-to-one with clients and designing classes "on the fly" to address the issues that students ask about before class.  Combined with a wonderfully integrated curriculum, those techniques are taught to you, as you hone your own skills for choosing the right tools for a particular client, based on that clients' issue, attitude and learning style.


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